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Feed Mill

We, Gumusdoga Feed Factory , have been established in Muğla Milas in 1997 and we have 260.000 tons of feed production capacity annually with full feed varieties of sea bream, sea bass, trout and salmon. The feed production is made by the expert staff by using high technology and controlled very precisely by our Quality Control Laboratory, and they go through many analysis stages starting from the acceptance of the raw materials to the final product.

Gumusdoga feed provides the fish a healthy and optimum growth performance with its high quality.                         

Highly digestible raw materials from sustainable sources are used in our all diets and these raw materials been formulated at an appropriate level according to the nutritional needs of all growth stages.

All the fish feed that we produce in our feed facility is Global GAP and Halal certified.

Processing Packaging Plants

Güllük Processing and Packaging: Güllük Bucak Merkezi Mah. Kocakışla Merkez Milas – MUĞLA
Milas Selimiye Branch( Füme ): Kızılcakuyu Mah. Merkez Sok. No:101/A Merkez Milas – MUĞLA
Elazığ Branch:Bezirgan Sok. No:8/1 Değirmenbaşı Keban – ELAZIĞ
Mersin Processing and Packaging Facility: Atık Mah. Çayır Sokak No:211 /A Silifke MERSİN
Sinop Processing and Packaging Facility : Demirci KöyüOSB, No:8  Merkez Sinop
İzmir Sales Office : Karacaoğlan Mahallesi 6166. Sok No:30 Daire 201 Bornova-İzmir


Center Office :Akyol Mahallesi Merkez Sokak No:240/A Milas-Muğla
Phone: +90 252 536 62 29
Sales Office: +90 536 283 76 23
Fax :0252 536 6002
E-mail: info@gumusdoga.com.tr
Customs&Logistics: erol.arbac@gumusdoga.com.tr
For Fishfeed: berna.oktay@gumusdoga.com.tr
                           Phone : +905382711245

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