ASC Announcements

ASC Announcements

  1. There was no mass fish death or fish escape in 2023 in our trout, sea bream and sea bass farms belonging to Gümüşdoğa and our group companies. The unexplained differences are due to counting technologies.
  2. The accuracy rate of counting technologies in our trout farms belonging to Gümüşdoğa and our group companies is 99.83% for 2023 (Sahilceylan 99.71%, Yanıklar 99.88%, Dam 99.75%, Ballıca 99.72%, Geyiktaşı 99.71%, Bafra 99.46%, Sinop G.doga 99.93%, Sinop Hakan 99.98%, Sinop Akyol 99.98%, Sinop Yerdeniz 99.98%), 99.88% in Asya farm, 99.94% in Uğur farm has been calculated.
  3. In our farms belonging to Gümüşdoğa and our group companies, there were no disease outbreaks for Trout, Sea Bream and Sea Bass in 2023, no critically endangered animals or mammals were harmed, and no fish escapes. In our facilities where the ASC standard is applied, local authorities and the ASC committee will be informed about the possible fish escapes and the amount of escape, in case of harm to endangered animals and / or mammals. Information will be published at
  4. When an increase in deaths is observed in all farms belonging to Gümüşdoğa and our group companies, samples are taken and sent to the veterinary or fish health team and the causes of death are determined. If any disease is detected, medication is administered with a veterinarian’s prescription and production continues, taking into account the excretion times specified in the prescription.
  5. In case of drug or chemical use based on the prescription written as a result of the checks made by the veterinarian in our ASC certified breeding farms, the necessary information will be defined and shared in the announcement table on our website.
  6. Feed produced in Gümüşdoğa feed factory is used in all our farms belonging to Gümüşdoğa and our group companies, and feed content information is declared on feed labels.
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Milas Selimiye Şube (Füme) : Kızılcakuyu Mah. Merkez Sok. No:101/A Milas – MUĞLA
Mersin İşleme ve Paketleme : Atık Mah. Çayır Sokak No:211 /A Silifke – MERSİN
Elazığ Şube :Bezirgan Sok. No:8/1 Değirmenbaşı Keban – ELAZIĞ
Sinop  İşleme ve Paketleme Tesisi : Demirci Köyü OSB No:8 Merkez – SİNOP


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